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Spas and Health
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 24 March 2010 14:35    PDF Print E-mail

Spas are suddenly big business on this report island, spurred on by the ever-increasing concern of wealthy societies for their health. People are using their holiday time not just to relax on a tropical beach, but also to cleanse, treat and pummel their muscles, tissues and skin etc.

Spas and Health

And since Thailand has a long tradition of therapeutic massage and herbal stream treatments, Phuket has found it easy to take advantage of the new trend. And they do it in style.

Spas and Health

So many Phuket resorts have opened spas that it is now almost considered a standard accessory for up-market hotels here. Luxurious, open-air pavilions with tropical settings like palm shrouded bathing pools typify the mood created by the top-end establishments. The cheaper end of the trend has also witnessed a blossoming of small village-based herbal steam rooms. Some of these are set in pretty coconut groves, relying on passing traffic noticing their signs, and on word-of-mouth. Finding the nice ones might be difficult, but it s fun.

We will identify some of the best spas and steam houses at both ends of the spectrum, so watch these pages as our stories and photos come on-line.