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The Peoples of Phuket
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 24 March 2010 16:12    PDF Print E-mail

Like many other islands that sit astride trade routes, Phuket has been a port of call for passing foreigners for a millennium. The natural wealth of the island and the generally hospitable nature of its original inhabitants, naturally attracted many to stay.

The human streams whose blood courses in the veins of Phuket include the earliest Sea Gypsies, Thai Buddhists, Muslim Malays, Arab traders, Indians, Chinese and, in recent years, Europeans. Each of these has left some cultural impact on the island, some of which is very obvious, like the mosques of the Muslims and the shrines of the Chinese.

A visitor to the island with an interest in the cultural make-up of Phuket will have fun discovering its cultural gems, many of which are hidden from the less observant.

The many pages within this section contain in-depth stories and beautiful photographs of each of these groups, along with stories and photos of the more remarkable festivals, temples, shrines and architecture.