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Driving Phukets Beautiful West Coast
Written by Administrator    Friday, 26 March 2010 09:16    PDF Print E-mail


Here is Where all of the Famous Beaches are Lined Up

The Road Winds Up and Over Numerous Headlands, Affording Spectacular Views

All of Phuket’s famous beaches are strung down the west coast of the island, for it is this side of the island that faces the Andaman Sea. It is the winds of the Southwest Monsoon, and the waves they send crashing onto the west coast, that has formed such spectacular coves and beaches. Taking a driving tour of this coastline can be one of the highlights of a visit to Phuket.


Driving Phukets Beautiful West Coast

We strongly recommend renting one’s own vehicle, be it a car or motorcycle, to spend a day driving, viewing and stopping along this coastline. The road is generally good, though of course it sometimes winds sharply and steeply over the headlands. It passes all of the major beaches along the way, though sometimes a turn down a side road is needed to get right to the sands.


Driving Phukets Beautiful West Coast

One can stop to swim at virtually any of the beaches, and naturally, food can be found all along the way from vendors, small stalls and fancy restaurants offering great sea views.


Driving Phukets Beautiful West Coast


At Bang Tao Beach the road is set well back from the beach, and finding the way further north can be a little confusing. But hunting for the road is worthwhile, for the remote section from here to Nai Thon is exceptionally attractive. If travelling south from the airport it is relatively easy. Always turn right to cling to the coast.

If travelling North, one passes Surin beach where the road turns inland, passes the island’s largest mosque and reaches the small town of Cherng Talay. Look for the signs leading to the Laguna Phuket complex. After reaching the huge billboard that announces the five hotels of Laguna, the road veers left and passes through a small centre of restaurants and bars. After this it swings left and there is a smaller road off to the right. Follow this. It runs right through the middle of the Banyan Tree Golf Course before meeting another road. Join this, heading left towards the sea. It soon heads up over the mountain.


Driving Phukets Beautiful West Coast

Most of the rest of the route is self evident, and relatively easy to follow.

Remember, under Thai law every beach in the country is public property, and every beach must, by law, have land access for the public. So there is no such thing as a private beach in Thailand, and no-one can block you from accessing the beach. In a few cases in Phuket that public entry is elusive, but it is there in every case.