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Bungee Jumping is sooo
Written by Administrator    Friday, 26 March 2010 15:29    PDF Print E-mail
Every nerve in your body screams ”Don’t”

Your heart pounds, and adrenaline surges to your brain.

Your hands clamp on the rail in a vice-hard grip, while the palms run sweaty.

Looking down, you sense that you’re up in a helicopter. It's so HIGH. Your friends looks so TINY.

But you can hear their cries
"Jump. Jump. Don’t be a chicken. Jump"

The jump-master has positioned you for what is surely going to be your final act, a voluntary leap to death. Again, nerves scream against the decision of the brain, and you ask how you ever allowed yourself to be fooled into this. It was friends. It was ego. It was foolish bragging, and now you’re about to pay the price with your life.

"Three. Two. One" Oh, no! It’s the countdown. Then the jump-master screams ’Bungee!’ and somehow your legs launch you into the never-never. The water below rushes up at you at ever increasing speeds. Death is just milliseconds away. Right in front of your eyeballs. Hurling itself upwards at you.

Then suddenly…. Your body slows. Slower. Ever so gently, like some anti-gravity miracle. Just inches above the water your face comes to a complete, gentle stop. You hang in absolute weightlessness and a new rush of adrenaline surges through the body, this one easing the pain of anguish like instant morphine. You survived!

But just as suddenly your body is pulled back to the heavens. You rocket backwards, feet first. But this time you know you have lived and the morphine-like rush has switched your body to screaming with laughter. Still no control of your emotions; but this is truly exhilarating and the laughter and yelps of delight ring off to the nearby village.

Every new downwards plummet, and ensuing rocket skywards, send chills of excitement through the veins. As the motion slows, you know you will come back for more bungee someday.