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Kamala & Surin - from village to villas
Written by Administrator    Tuesday, 23 March 2010 17:45    PDF Print E-mail


Kamala, Surin & Amanpuri


The beaches get quieter and hotels are further apart as we move further up the West Coast

Headlands separate each of the beaches here, and each bay so cut off is entirely different from its neighbours – and so are the accommodation choices entirely different



Kamala & Surin - from village to villas


- fast changing from a quiet village to a minor resort area, but still with more community charm than commercialism

Just a few years ago Kamala was a beach, bay and mountain enclosed valley intent on growing rice and raising buffaloes. There was almost no place to stay here, and there were virtually no signs of the tourism industry that had already completely swallowed Patong. But today that is changing. There are about three hotels here already, and many small guesthouses along the main beach road. Most of these are private homes that have been converted to bedrooms with bathrooms, or in some cases, visitors share part of the house with the Thai owners. And many small restaurants have opened here, often in private homes. So the atmosphere in the small beach road, just 200 meters long, is a blend of village and resort. And the prices are distinctly village.

Booking rooms in many of the small places here is difficult, unless you arrive on the front door, or have the telephone number of the owner. Most are not advertised, and few are listed.


Kamala & Surin - from village to villas

The one up-market resort here is the Kamala Bay Terrace Resort, found on a small beach around the southern corner from the main Kamala village, where it finds privacy on its hillside location. Every room here has a spectacular view over the ocean.

Kamala Beach Estate is a private housing complex on a small headland at the south end of Kamala. Here apartments and private homes can be rented when the owners are not in residence.

Hotel contacts are below. For more information on Kamala Beach and village look up our Beaches section.

Surin - Amanpuri
is one of the most beautiful – and surprising - beaches on the island
There is no accommodation on the first part of Surin beach visible from the road, while the hidden northern end houses two of the most spectacular, and exclusive resorts here. The southern, accessible end of Surin is popular for day visits with both Thai and foreigners. Thais are attracted by the small restaurants here serving basic Thai dishes in view of the water. Watch the menus here, for many charge foreigners significantly more than locals.

There are a few rooms available in little guesthouses in the streets to the back of Surin.

Find your way to the northern end of Surin, which is cut off by a small headland, and you will find two of Phuket most exclusive resorts, The Cheddi , and the most elite of all, the Amanpuri, the one resort that attracts the world’s most famous names.