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Enjoy Rooftop Mini Golf in the heart of Patong
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Enjoy Rooftop Mini Golf in the heart of Patong Enjoy Rooftop Mini Golf in the heart of Patong

On the rooftop of the Banana Walk Complex in the heart of Patong lies a unique creation, one which not many thought was possible but there it stands, Asia’s first Rooftop Mini Golf. With an awe-inspiring view of the Andaman Sea, the complete 18-hole Mini Golf course ensures visitors an experience they will never forget. Stretching across three buildings, this seaside miniature course is specially designed for families and friends looking for a fun, thrilling and affordable activity in Patong.

Mini Golf also caters well to tourists on a limited budget who want to spice up their holidays in Phuket. The breezy atmosphere on the rooftop provides visitors with a great escape from the hustle and bustle of traffic underneath. To top it off, the Trillion Bar at the end of the 18-hole course allows guests to enjoy a variety of drinks while ensuring a classy vibe to the whole experience.

Do not be fooled by the layout of the course for although it may look easy it certainly is not. Patong Mini Golf guarantees an exciting challenge for both golfers and non-golfers. The course is designed to at best mimic the structure of a real golf course with bunkers, waterways and thick rough in almost every hole.

The equipment provided is of a high standard making sure guests receive a true golfing experience. Moreover, Patong Mini Golf’s helpful and friendly staff offer a wide range of assistance to help guests make the most of their experience.

Signature holes are ones which players must hit the ball over the waterway to reach the hole, and these are holes numbered 4 and 12. They require exceptional precision and are deterministic of whether players will perform better or worse for even professionals are bound to make mistakes.

It is worth mentioning that Mini Golf Patong began as a dream project of a local golfing family whose love for the game of golf inspired the creation of this majestic masterpiece.

Visitors from all over the world are therefore welcomed to witness what was once a dream, now a reality.

For more information please contact call 091 762 2628